Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund

Dempsie B. Morrison, Jr., FCSI, was a practicing architect and teacher of architectural technology and specification writing at State Technical Institute in Memphis, Tennessee (now Southwest Tennessee Community College) and additionally, he practiced as a specifications consultant.  He was active in the Memphis Chapter of CSI, serving as Chapter President in 1962, followed by his service as editor of the newsletter, and he chaired numerous committees.  He served the Region (Region 5 as it was known) for three years as Director, followed by two terms as Institute Vice President.

His untimely death in an accident provided valid reason for the Memphis Chapter to create the Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship in his memory.  An agreement with Memphis State University (now University of Memphis) providing up to one full year’s tuition matched by the University was signed by the Chapter and the University in December 1979.
The Vision of the Memphis Chapter founders of the Dempsie B. Morrison Fund was to create a fund through contributions, which would grow large enough to support the provision of a perpetual annual awarding of a scholarship, paid solely by the interest from the fund, leaving the principal intact.  Growth in the principal by contributions might generate interest which would result in additional scholarship awards in the future.   The scholarship awards sent to the University would be paid from current year receipts (the general fund) until such time as the fund reaches an amount large enough to create earned interest sufficient to pay for the annual scholarship.  This interim funding is intended to permit our continued awarding of scholarships in years when scholarship receipts are not sufficient to pay for the scholarship.
The Support, by the Memphis Chapter, of the Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund has included two sponsorships per meeting, individual and corporate contributions (large and small), interest earned on the scholarship deposits, and funds from Chapter surplus rollovers in years when income exceeded expenses.
The Scholarship Fund is managed by the Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund, Inc., which is 5-member board charged with investing the funds in a fiscally responsible manner to avoid loss, yet earning as much interest as possible in pursuit of the Memphis Chapter vision that might support a full scholarship through fund earnings.  Funds will consist of investment Certificates of Deposit and a bank savings account.  Accumulations of funds are from interest earned and from private contributions from individuals and companies.
Funds dedicated to the Memphis Chapter vision for the Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund are not available for other Chapter uses.  The balance has grown through contributions of many; however it has not yet reached its goal of the fund interest paying for the annual scholarship award.
Focus on the Vision by members and the Board of Directors of the Memphis Chapter is crucial for the continued growth of the Dempsie B. Morrison fund toward its goal and for the continued payment of annual scholarship awards from the general fund until it is reached.

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Current Recipient - Under-Graduate Student Hana Abdelraouf

Current Recipient - Under-Graduate Student Hana Abdelraouf

Current Recipient - Graduate Student Brock Terwilleger

Current Recipient - Graduate Student Brock Terwilleger



Current Recipients
Hana Abdelraouf
Brock Terwilleger

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Dempsie Morrison
Dillard Door & Secuirity
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The Crump Firm


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Duke Walker
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Digital Now
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Jeffrey Parnell
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Gary Copeland
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Non-voting                                      James A. Neison                         Financial Advisor  Registered Agent

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