February Chapter Meeting


February Chapter Meeting

from 12.50

Speaker: Lisa Namie

Topic: University of Memphis Centennial Place Student Housing

11:30 a.m. at Holiday Inn - University of Memphis

Cost for meal:  $20.00 members/guest     $12.50 for CSI Students


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Centennial Place was named in honor of the University’s 100th anniversary.  The new $42 million student housing was designed to replace the existing ten story Richardson Towers, which was built in the 1960’s and scheduled for demolition.  Centennial Place included Living Learning suites as well as apartments, for a total of 754 beds.  Classrooms, multipurpose space, Admin offices, study spaces and maintenance were designed for the ground floors.  The building is unique in its construction in that it is the first campus building constructed out of Insulated Concrete Forms(ICF).  This feature was chosen by the University to expedite construction and to provide greater R values than typical block and brick construction, thus decreasing the mechanical system loads.  Students occupied the new Centennial Place in January, 2016.  Demolition of Richardson Towers was completed fall, 2017.  

Learning Objective #1:  Understanding the design challenges presented by building a new five story 275,000 sf structure next to an existing ten story 220,500 sf structure separated by only 30 feet.  

Learning Objective #2: Designing for a narrow site to maximize number of student beds and to generate maximum revenue

Learning Objective #3: Showing how Insulated Concrete Form(ICF) construction influenced design considerations.

Learning Objective #4:  Understanding how Insulated Concrete Form(ICF) construction integrates with other building trades during construction