2017-2018 CSI Memphis Board Election


Proposed Slate:

2017-2018 CSI Memphis Officers and Board of Directors


  • President: Julie Fleming 
  • President Elect: Jeffrey Parnell
  • Vice President: Richard Hill
  • Secretary: Lisa Namie, Architect
  • Treasurer: Gary White, Architect
  • Past President: Hans Faulhaber, Architect
  • UM Student President: Jason Ontiveros

Board of Directors:

  • Pam Davidson: 2015-2018
  • Wally Bostelmann: 2015-2018
  • Tommy Smith, RA: 2016-2019
  • Susan Evans: 2016-2019
  • Mike Zielinski, CCCA : 2017-2020
  • Michael Ragsdale: 2017-2020
Only members of the Memphis Chapter of CSI may vote. The polls will close May 31st, 2017.
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If you would like to join a committee for the 2017-2018 year, please mention it in the comments or send an email to csi.memphischapter@gmail.com.